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Yamaha YTS280 Bb tenor saxophone - Silver plate

Product code : EDUYTS280SCM

Brand : Chamberlain Music

Type of Packages :

Price : AED17,687.00


The YTS280 saxophone is our most popular tenor saxophone and rightly so. As with all Yamaha instruments, the intonation is superb and the keywork is flawless. This particular model has been designed with the student player in mind; the keys have been positioned closely together to reduce the overall weight of the instrument and to make it easier for smaller hands to navigate the keywork. Many tenor sax manufacturers assume that these instruments are only played as doubling instruments by experienced saxophonists and therefore don't need to be tailored to suit younger players, but any saxophone teacher will tell you this is not the case. It is becoming increasingly popular to start learning on the Tenor as it blends particularly well in jazz bands and has a full, rich sound at the bottom of its register. The YTS280S features a high F#/front F and a solid B-C# connection, as well as an adjstable thumb hook for enhanced playability. It is silver plated throughout giving it a dazzling finish which will last for years. Supplied with a quality Yamaha 4C mouthpiece, ligature and mouthpiece cap, this sax is ready to play straight from the case. The outfit includes a lightweight, 'backpack' style case for ease of transportation to and from your lessons. This is the ultimate instrument for enthusiastic beginners or for more advanced players who need a quality, reliable doubling instrument for gigs.

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