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WHITEBOARD, THE WEDGE, 690 x 460mm Portrait, 690 x 460mm Portrait, Each

Product code : EDU127973ESPO

Brand : ESPO

Type of Packages :

Price : AED647.92


Unique and versatile with a magnetic drywipe surface and a solid yet lightweight construction. Can be used as a front-of-class teaching aid, a display board for leaving messages, a tool for one-to-one tuition or as a base for group work. The double sided whiteboard makes it ideal for children to work around and can encourage them to interact whilst working on separate tasks. In an educational environment the Wedge has been shown to be particularly relevant to Special Needs tutoring, as it is ideal for teaching children on an individual basis, allowing them to work at their own developmental pace. Made in the UK. Solid construction with anti-slip, rubber feet. Colours may vary.

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