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SortED 52 Piece Retail Pack, Antimicrobial ELAB395

Product code : EDU613-110ELAB395

Brand : Edulab

Type of Packages :

Price : AED326.00


SortED is an exciting new range of removable modular tray inserts designed to fit Gratnells shallow and deep trays. SortED inserts can create up to 8 sections in a shallow tray and 16 sections in a deep tray, over two levels. Small and medium inserts hold a myriad of small parts. The large insert can be used to hold the smaller inserts or longer components in the top of the tray. The SortED large insert is easily lifted out of the tray thanks to the useful finger and thumb section and the whole range can easily be stored in most Gratnells compatible classroom furniture. SortED inserts are dishwasher safe and available in two packs - a vibrant colour pack which is treated with BioCoteĀ® antimicrobial treatment (ideal for primary school classrooms) or a grey pack for a more low key setting.

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