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Kitronik Smart Greenhouse Kit for the BBC micro:bit

Kitronik Smart Greenhouse Kit for the BBC micro:bit

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Price : AED295.90 AED 269.00


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Unlock the secrets of nature with code, engineering, and the Kitronik Smart Greenhouse Kit for BBC micro:bit!

The Kitronik Smart Greenhouse Kit for the BBC micro:bit provides an exciting way to learn about the relationship between plants and their environment. The user will learn how to monitor environmental conditions and then how to build automated systems.

The kit comprises a two-part plastic greenhouse, Kitronik environmental control board, water pump, Kitronik ZIP Stick, and Mini Prong soils moisture sensor. Also included are 5 crocodile clips, ZIP extension cable and a small screwdriver. Just add a micro:bit, seeds, and then some water and you will have everything you need!

The kit also ships with detailed instructions that will get you up and cultivating in no time. Additionally, there are 7 online MakeCode tutorials. They cover everything from gathering sensor data and having the system automatically react to it, to visual user interfaces and more.

At the heart of the micro:bit controlled Kitronik Smart Greenhouse Kit is the Kitronik environmental control board. This board provides a variety of sensor inputs and connection points for the BBC micro:bit (V1 & V2) and provides the ability to control outputs for devices such as a water pump, fan, servo or heater pad.


The environmental control board can be coded with the MakeCode editor and Kitronik has produced a set of custom blocks to make the job as simple as possible. The blocks can be added via the add Extensions function in the editor by searching “Kitronik” or from https://github.com/KitronikLtd/pxt-kitronik-smart-greenhouse.

The default crop for these types of experiments is often cress, as it is quick growing, requires little tending, and can be harvested when they are approximately 5cm tall (within a few days). There are other sprouting plants, such as sprouting white mustard, which also grow quickly and can be harvested when they are 5cm tall. You can also look into micro-herbs/micro-greens. Once you have chosen your preferred crop type you then need to choose a suitable soil. 


  • This kit does not come with a BBC micro:bit, available separately here > BBC micro:bit.
  • This kit is not waterproof. If you get the board wet, please turn it off and allow it to fully dry. The risk of shock is very small, but be cautious.
  • Due to electrolysis and the damp environment, the electrodes on the Mini Prong Moisture Sensor will degrade slowly over time. Please see our general safety advice for more information.
  • Features:

    • Build automated growing systems that react to changeable environmental conditions.
    • This kit is compatible with both micro:bit V1 and microbit V2.
    • The kit comes with detailed assembly and coding instructions.
    • At the heart of the kit is the kitronik Environmental control board, designed to be the control hub for this kit.
    • Key features of the Environmental control board are;
      • It features a number of sensor inputs that can be coded to control the board's outputs.
      • There is an onboard BME 280 environmental temperature, barometric pressure and humidity sensor and a separate Real-Time Clock (RTC).
      • The board also features an onboard piezo buzzer, 2 1A outputs (ideal for a water pump, heater pads or fan), 3 status ZIP LEDs, a ZIP LED expansion connector and servo output. In addition to these, 3 BBC micro:bit pins are broken out to croc-clip connections as further inputs and outputs, along with pads for 3V and GND.
      • It can be powered via the onboard 3xAA battery holder or the 2.1mm DC Jack, and the power is controlled via the on/off switch with an adjacent LED indicator.
    • There are also 7 online MakeCode tutorials that introduce you to all of the features of the board.
    • Crops such as cress, sprouting white mustard and micro-herbs/micro-greens are ideal for use with this kit.
    • Code it with the MakeCode editor using our custom code blocks.
    • The Kit can be powered by 3 x AA Batteries or a plug-in power supply.






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