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GCSE GRADES 9-1 STUDY GUIDES, A Christmas Carol, AQA English Literature, Each

Product code : EDUx162052ESPO

Brand : ESPO

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Price : AED58.30


Essential all-in-one revision and exam practice guides for the AQA English Literature GCSE. Written by experts in teaching English Literature, these books use an active, stepped approach to maximise learning. Helpful tips show how to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding in order to achieve higher marks. With loads of exam-style practice questions (and answers), you can't go wrong. There's also a downloadable app with cutting-edge technology to help revision on the go. This includes a free, personalised digital revision planner, quick tests to check understanding, free revision cards to save to a phone and lots of active revision techniques, tips and tricks: Do it: short activities to build confidence analysing unseen poems. Review it: quick quizzes to check understanding of the examples. Define it: definitions of unfamiliar words and important terminology Nail it: tips and guidance on exactly what's required in the AQA exam Snap it: read it, snap it on a phone and revise on the go Stretch it: support for the tought stuff that will get higher grades.

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