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Dream Drum - amazing instrument made from recycled gas canister

Product code : EDUWSDREAMCM

Brand : Chamberlain Music

Type of Packages :

Price : AED1,948.00


The Dream Drum is an intriguing shiny green orb made from a recycled metal gas canister. Different sized 'tongues' have been cut into the surface which, when hit with a hand or beater, produce a selection of bell-like tones. Its curious appearance and ethereal resonant sound will encourage young children to investigate and prompt them to start making music for the first time. The drum's unique qualities and group playing potential earned it first prize in the Early Years Equipment category at the 2012 Nursery Awards. The tongues are not tuned to a major scale as you might expect, but rather a more unusual arpeggio not unlike the pentatonic gamelan instruments. Number stickers are included with the drum which can be used to label the tongues from high to low. Also included are 3 beaters (1 each of soft suede, rubber, and green felt), a banana leaf doughnut shaped cushion to keep the drum steady, and a padded bag with a zip and shoulder strap, along with a booklet and card containing some playing ideas.

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